March 2017
OSSA: working under volcanic areas in Costa Rica.
February 2017
OSSA is carrying out the construction works on a sewage treatment plant expansion in Oslo (Norway).
April 2016
Crossing natural obstacles.
January 2016
Recognition of the best Comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Management in the Chuquicamata Mine.
4 December 2015
1.000.000 labour hours with no incapacitating accidents Chuquicamata.
23 October 2015
Tunnel breakthrough on the new Line 3 of the Santiago Subway.
22 October 2015
Minister Burgos presided at tunnel breakthrough on Line 3 of the Subway.
10 August 2015
President Humala arrives in Carabaya today to inaugurate the Wayrasencca Tunnel.
10 August 2015
Humala will inaugurate the Wayrasencca Tunnel in Ollachea – Carabaya.
2 March 2015
New boring in the Santiago de Chile metro works.
3 February 2015
Donation of a computer to the Coban hospital (Guatemala).
16 December 2014
N+1 Mercapital stabilises Ossa, remaining committed through the crisis.
15 December 2014
Establishing OSSAs presence in the market.
20 November 2014
OSSA Begins blasting in the Sørkjosfjellet Tunnel (Norway).
27 October 2014
OSSA awarded a new contract in Brazil. Autopista Régis Bittencourt.
24 October 2014
The satisfaction of a Norwegian SME for having collaborated on the manufacture of bolts for OSSA.
22 October 2014
Robots are operating in the works for the North Section of the Radoanel.
21 October 2014
Obras Subterráneas S.A. (OSSA) awarded two contracts in Norway for an amount of more than 100 million euros.
30 September 2014
Core boring works on the El Torito (Costa Rica) Hydroelectric Power Plant completed.
16 September 2014
Core boring works on Colector de Pinos (Madrid) completed.
16 July 2014
The Vice-President travels to Peru and Chile.
14 July 2014
The Alto Piura irrigation project will require investment of 542 million nuevos soles.
9 July 2014
OSSA makes its debut in Norway with a 55-million-euro expansion of a sewage treatment plant.
7 July 2014
OSSA is awarded two contracts in Norway.
13 May 2014
OSSA expands alliances in the Country.
12 May 2014
AmChamTaipeiwelcomes OSSA.
May 2014
Civil works construction on Santiago de Chile Metro Line 6, Section 3 and 4, shafts, galleries and tunnels.
27 March 2014
OSSA to build several tunnels in Brazil.
24 March 2014
The Spanish company Ossa is tendering for a 250-million-euro project in Norway.
11 March 2014
Work has begun on constructing the Pinos collector in Madrid.
1 March 2014
Suecia Street is reopened after two months of work on the Metro extension.
27 February 2014
Work begins on the new Pinos collector.
January 2014
José Ramón Melida. Project Manager OSSA in Taipei (Taiwán).
18 December 2013
Río Seco: Buenaventura Buenaventura set a pioneering project in motion.
22 November 2013
VIAS, OSSA and CARTIF are applying techniques for analysing the excavation face in underground works.
14 November 2013
VIAS, OSSA and CARTIF are applying computational intelligence techniques to the analysis of the excavation face in underground works.
14 October 2013
Royal visit at the opening of the La Muela II Hydroelectric Plant.
13 October 2013
OSSA began the works for the Wayrasencca Tunnel.
8 October 2013
Opening of the La Muela II Hydroelectric Plant.
October 2013
Codelco-Chuquicamata Mine: Bigger is better.
5 August 2013
Spanish constructors are very successful in tenders for hospitals, roads and undergrounds.
August 2013
The Spanish company has been awarded the construction of two sections of the new Metro Line 6.
16th July 2013
The experience of working underground
July 2013
Design and construction of the Estí Tunnel repair (Panama).
1st July 2013
The definitive leap to the outside.
20th June 2013
OSSA awarded two Metro sections in Chile for 126 million euros.
12th June 2013
Ossa awarded metro works in Chile for 126 million.
12th June 2013
Ossa to build metro lines in Santiago, Chile for 126 million.
9th June 2013
New contract award in Guatemala.
24 May 2013
Inauguration of the Central de San Esteban II.
21 May 2013
IETcc, GEOCISA, OSSA, and IECA collaborate on the DYNACAR project led by COPASA. Ingeopres.
13 May 2013
IETcc, GEOCISA, OSSA, and IECA collaborate on the DYNACAR project led by COPASA. PTEC.
8 May 2013
Ossa begins construction of a section of a motorway in Taiwan for 97 million.
8 May 2013
The Ossa Group is constructing a motorway in Taiwan for 97 million euros.
1 May 2013
Tunnel vision.
1 May 2013
Latin America: the ‘conquest’ of Peru.
23 April 2013
Obras Subterráneas is the project leader for monitoring, control and localisation of machinery in tunnels.
10 April 2013
Obras Subterráneas is leading the project for control and monitoring machinery location in tunnels.
8 April 2013
OSSA is awarded in Brazil and Peru two underground works contracts.
5 April 2013
Awarding of works in Brasil and Perú.
April 2013
Ossa’s first challenge is to build a tunnel for a mineral-slurry pipeline.
14 March 2013
Forecast: 80% of OSSA’s business will be outside of Spain by 2015.
5 de March 2013
More growth abroad.
4 March 2013
Forecast: 80% of OSSA’s business will be outside of Spain by 2015.
26 February 2013
ABYO has been named the representative for Caterpillar Tunnelling CC for Brazil.
30 January 2013
CARTIF begins to work in a new project about the application of the computational intelligence to civil engineering.
16 January 2013
Collaborate with Southern Copper Corporation.
29 November 2012
Debugging in the Túnel de Santa Marina (Cáceres).
25 September 2012
Two contracts for tunnels in Panama.
1 September 2012
Excavation of the final phase of the Santa Marina Tunnel (Cáceres).
1 September 2012
Bilbao metro line two gets support.
1 September 2012
Hydropower boost for sleepy Spanish region.
9 August 2012
One-Day International Technical Conference on “Tunnel Design and Construction”.
1 August 2012
Tunnels in Toquepala: Reaching new depths.
27th July 2012
Award of a new contract in Taiwan.
June 2012
Construction of a service and escape tunnel parallel to the Envalira tunnel.
April 2012
Testing service works Añorgalde and Rekalde.
19th March 2012
A 1,900 metre circuit is concealed underground, below Santo Estevo, in its new station.
February 2012
PERI S.A.U. continuing investing in innovation and customer service.
San Esteban hydroelectric power plant.
February 2012
Construction of a utility tunnel and evacuation tunnel parallel to Envalira.
February 2012
Awarded CODELCO bid in Chuquicamata, Chile.
January 2012
Awarding of works in Torito, Costa Rica.
December 2011
San Esteban II underground hydroelectric power plant.
12th July 2011
Southern Peru Copper Corporation awards contract to us in Peru, 2.2 Km tunnel.
1st June 2011
Contract award in Panama.
27 September 2011
New award for the Pinos collector in Madrid.
November 2010
Location and tracking of staff and machines in the construction of tunnels Udalaitz-Mondragón.
9th September 2010
OSSA will build 2.4 km of railway tunnel in China for 154 million.
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