Being the leader of an activity implies taking innovation as a top priority. That is why OSSA, Obras Subterráneas, views research, development and innovation as the strategic backbone for our daily work. This forces us to open technological paths that lead to sustainable development.

From its inception, OSSA has adopted innovation as a mark of identity. The first systematically documented innovative projects date back to 1995. The R&D Department as an entity independent from other departments was created in 2008, and it’s R&D&I Management System was certified in 2010. In 2013 the company carried out its first international cooperation project (Spain-Brazil). In 2014 it patented its first invention. In 2015 it approved and led a project worth more than 7.5 million Euros under the Spanish Industrial Technological Development Centre’s CAEN call for projects. In 2016 it was certified in the CYTEC-IBEROEKA programme, with a proposal submitted to a bilateral call for projects between Spain and Peru. For 2017 it has plans for the broadening of its Spain-Chile transnational cooperation projects and the approval of projects under H2020 European calls for projects.

The objective in being a technical leader in the sector leads to active participation in the different research forums. For example, we are members of the Spanish Technological Platform for Construction. OSSA is invited to international Conferences specializing in underground works to give presentations about the research projects it carries out.

In this field, in addition to maintaining close relationships with clients and suppliers who are likewise leaders in their respective sectors, OSSA has established a framework for cooperation with well-known universities and research centers. We have been collaborating with the UNIVERISIDAD POLITECNICA DE MADRID (UPM) (Madrid Polytechnic University), the INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE ARAGON (ITA) and the CENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE METODOS NUMERICOS EN INGENIERIA (CIMNE), among others.

OSSA has implemented a management system that enables the consolidation and systematization of R&D+i projects, thus confirming its focus on innovation and the activity surrounding it with the objective of establishing a methodology for regulating, prioritizing and ultimately obtaining success and maximum profitability in its R&D+i projects with the involvement of the entire Company.

As the result of the promotion, development and systematization of R&D+i activities, OSSA was recently awarded the R&D+i System Certificate according to the UNE 166002:2014 standard, becoming one of the first engineering companies to obtain said certificate, and the first in the subterranean works sector.

The R&D+i management system systematizes and organizes activities with the following objectives:
• Efficacy: to identify all the R&D+i activities in the Company and follow-up of the continuous evolution thereof in order to reach success in time and form.
• Efficiency: to manage required resources and monitoring the cost of these activities, bringing into play all the funding opportunities both internally and through public funding programs.
• Competitiveness: to protect and make use of the results of innovation activities so that the R&D+i developed in the Company becomes a competitiveness driver, deploying it throughout the Company to provide input and feedback into the system.
• Added value: evaluating the benefits that are directly derived from the development of R&D+i activities.
• Ongoing improvement: systematizing the processes that comprise this activity so that they are carried out on an ongoing basis instead of as an exception.
• Transparency: to align the guidelines set by public organizations that manage national and international funds, as well as with the appropriate fiscal legislation.

VISION: What I dream of
The vision of OSSA R&D+i from the corporate vision is to be "A world leader in the underground works sector", renowned as a company committed to developing and driving technical knowledge and improved sustainability and competitiveness through R&D+i.

MISSION: What I am committed to
The vision of OSSA R&D+i from the corporate vision is to generate wealth for shareholders and other stakeholders as underground works specialists, in a context of legality and good environmental and social practices, establishing a stable framework, by applying tangible and intangible resources, for maintaining an effective and efficient R&D+i structure and undertaking R&D+i activities that improve OSSA's competitiveness.

VALUES (R&D+i company): What drives me
• Commitment
• Honesty
• Flexibility
• Professionalism

The strategy considers the results of the internal and external analysis and stakeholders’ requirements and expectations, and is based on three strategic lines:

OSSA’s strategy is to pursue innovation in its products and processes, focusing on achieving this in an incremental manner (without underestimating the possibility of an opportunity for disruptive innovation) and the competitive position that OSSA aims to adopt is to be leader in its sector through developing R&D+i.

• The "innovation in machinery" strategic line. The company has its own machinery, which means it is of interest to empower innovation in order to match the specifications of the machines to the solutions required by each customer, in this sense oriented towards certain projects.

• The "innovation in technology" strategic line. OSSA’s possibilities to innovate along this line include adapting new computer applications to the types of works and the company's specific working conditions.

• The "innovation in measurement and control systems" strategic line. OSSA’s options for developing R&D+i along this line include harnessing the possibilities of continuously measuring several parameters in order to improve production performance, combining monitoring systems with production systems, as such that the latter are adapted to the results of the measurements taken.


UNE 166002

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