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In the area of Mining, the activity that gave rise to the company in 1952, OSSA is the Spanish leader in projects for underground works in coal, metal and ornamental stone mining, in the operation of the mine itself and in the development of mining infrastructure. In addition, it handles execution of vertical shafts, access galleries and large-scale caverns for placement of auxiliary services such as tanks, underground workshops, crushing plants and pump rooms.

In doing so, OSSA has relied on the confidence of large mining multinationals, including CODELCO, Southern Perú Copper Co., Río Tinto Minera, Narcea Goldmines, Somincor, Pizarras Expiz, Iberpotash, Hullera Vasco-Leonesa and Hunosa. These companies place OSSA as a solid, reliable partner for the large multinationals at the international level.

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OSSA is considered one of the best companies at the international level in shaft drilling. Our work experience here covers more than 130.000 m of shafts, carried out over more than 50 years: shafts with depths up to 700 m and internal diameter up to 6,50 m.

OSSA also has extensive experience – over 150.000 m – in constructing galleries, which constitute part of the essential infrastructure for latter mining operations.
Around the project of shafts and galleries, OSSA performs an equally important service: the creation of large-scale caverns, needed for housing auxiliary services such as tanks, underground workshops for equipment repair and maintenance, crushing plants and pump rooms.

OSSA's experience is ample in this sphere as well, having participated in numerous projects requiring the construction of these types of caverns and in mining operations in different coal, metal and ornamental stone projects as well.
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